Making multiple components unique

Is there a way to make multiple components unique, at once?

I have 33 copies of a component in a model and I need to make each one a different length, or 33 unique components. I created the first component, then move / copy 33x to get to where I’m at. I’m looking for a way around right clicking on each one individually and selecting “make unique”.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


Paste this one-liner into the Ruby Console and pres Enter.


There is a plugin by the Late Great Honoluludesktop Make Unique Selected Components that will make all in a selection unique.

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FlexTools will do that. It can also “Make Totally Unique” in which it makes the nested subcomponents unique to each as well. Be aware, it’a a paid plugin.

Edit: Also, possibly Eneroth Deep Make Unique?

Thanks, although I’ve never used the Ruby console for anything before. Afraid of messing something up!

Thanks, Box. Do you think it works in SU 2019?

@RTCool Thanks for that. I actually use FlexTools and had forgotten it had that feature!

Bob, how do you plan to make these components different lengths after you’ve made them unique? What are these components?

Yes .

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When I went looking for it, I couldn’t find actual instructions, but I know learned what it did from somewhere.

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They are a series of TJI’s that are sloping roof rafters. Shallow 1:12 pitch. They are bounded by the exterior walls and intersected by (2) supporting beams such that every single TJI is a different length! I was going to cut them just with some intersecting solids in the appropriate places.

I also have to be thinking in terms of material take off, which the architect also wants me to provide. So, I’m using John Brock’s Estimator for the first time to do that, so there’s a learning curve to that as well.

It’s really quite a project: (2) homes (main and guest houses) on a 3 acre hill top. Hardly a square corner in the place!

Check out the snap shot of the site! Just the model organization is spinning my head. But, I’m doing my best to be a good student of @Sonder.


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If the TJIs are solid and you are going to trim with the native Trim, there’s no need to make them unique. Trim will do it for you.

Will look at the picture when I get back to my computer.

Well, that’s good to know! Thanks, Dave, as always you are one encyclopedia of Sketchup knowledge!

I send a short video of progress to the architect / client. You might enjoy it. At link

The video doesn’t seem to work.

Good luck with the project.

Oh, all those angles! No wonder each member is unique.

I once had a client, probably forewarned by someone about architects by somebody, who said at the outset, “No curves, no angles, and no changes in level.” I use that as a preface to explaining my own house where I had to do all of those to compensate.

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OT: Did someone hire “Stinkie” to do that “no video” picture? Sad.

Haha! I don’t know why that isn’t displaying / playing properly. It’s a 40+ mb file, so I posted it as a DropBox link. It shows as a video but doesn’t play.

Any ideas how to correct?

I posted that as a Dropbox link, but it shows as a video that won’t play instead. It’s too big to post directly.

Odd. I don’t know how to make the link show correctly. You could upload the video to YouTube instead. Or maybe put the video in a folder on DropBox and share a link to the folder instead of the video.

Let’s see if that works

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That worked. Good job.