Components with unique cuts

I think it would be helpful if we could give components unique cuts. For example, say all the baseboards in a house are the same shape, but each have unique cuts. In SketchUp, I’d have to use unique components to model that. But I’d have to modify each unique component to edit the profile or something even though they’re all from the same shape. I think it’d be easier to have a “make unique cut” option, so each unique component just has a unique cut. If you edit the profile or something on one, then all the cut baseboards would change. Making cuts on components (like lumber, plywood, headers, pipes, etc.) is extremely common, yet I don’t know how to make unique cuts copy the original component. The tool could use a section plane, or other boolean modifiers to subtract shapes from the “unique cut” component. I wouldn’t want this tool to clutter up SketchUp’s core tools, but I think this would be a useful extension.

Is there a way already to make unique cuts to components that copy the original component? Thanks.

Generally, if I have to do something like that, I would copy the molding component and make it unique if I need to make it different. It’s no big deal. If you’re asking about using the same component but making each instance look different, that doesn’t make much sense because you wouldn’t want them all to have the exact same name. You’d want to be able to identify each piece separately.

Each instance of the defining component can have a different definition. For example, each unique cut of baseboard would be defined as baseboard #2, baseboard #3, etc. A cut component would copy the molding component and act like a normal component would, but each unique cut component could have unique cuts defined. And each cut could be removable to reveal the original component.

It’s easy to remodel each cut component in a small model (especially if one is as talented as yourself), but the cut components get more time consuming to remodel when the amount of unique components goes up. Why remodel 70 unique components, when they’re all cut from the same shape? I think the process could be made faster with an extension.

Profile Builder 3, released today, seems to have this ability, check the decking example, the cuts are all updated as well as the square lengths


I’m pretty sure that totally solves the problem! I’m excited about Profile Builder 3. Thanks for sharing.

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Me too! can hardly wait whilst they sort out their website and download issues

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