Make a hole in the component

I have got a component which is a wall.
I want to add different cutting to different walls.
However, I do not want to make walls unique, since I want to be able to resize walls in the future.

Use one cutting component and copy it on either side of the wall. To copy the opening, copy the two sides of the opening separately. Also, the cutting components need to be applied to raw geometry.

Thanks so much. I am afraid you haven’t understood my problem.
I’ve got a few walls which are the same component. I want to cut a wall and leave others untouchable.
Yes, I can make it “unique”. But I will loose the ability of resizing these walls via component.

Unfortunately you don’t have any option. If you want to make different sized holes in each wall, you’ll need to make each wall unique. A key feature of having multiple instances of a component in the model is that a change to one is reflected in all because those instances all have the same definition.

You are asking for a contradiction: all instances of a component are necessarily the same but you want some of them to be different. It can’t be done!

I understand it. I have supposed that there was a technique which allowed to make some kind of virtual cutting, i.e. they look like cutting, however, they don’t cut the object permanently… huh?

Which is what Forestr was talking about in his post.

Maybe they can be the same, but another component make them look differently cut?

He is talking about usual objects, but not components, isn’t he.

yes. Cutting components work on faces only.

He wrote: “Use one cutting component and copy it on either side of the wall.” so I’d guess he was talking about using components.

For which operations do you need the walls as components?

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I tried this. Cutting components don’t cut through the instances of the component. To use cutting components I need to edit the component itself, and it will edit all the instances too.

I draw a house which has a few internal walls of the same size but with different cutting. I don’t know the exact height of the walls. Therefore I want to draw this house and still be ready to easily resize the walls when it necessary.

There are different ways (and plugins) to scale several walls and I would bet that it will more direct and faster than trying to find a workaround with components.

Why aren’t the interior walls a group? You can use push/pull or the move tool to change their height. If you have repeating geometry inside or outside of the wall, then those can be made with components. If you need the walls to be components, then unique components might be the only option.

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As an example: FredoScale


Can even be don’t manually quite simply, make you walls a specific height then add a ‘header’ that can vary. Hide the edges where the walls and header connect.