Making 20+ of the same windows in a wall


What is the workflow of making 20+ of the same window components in a wall?

The wall is an isolated wall with a separate group for the inner and outer brickwork.

The windows are components, but can I make components of the holes in both walls?

I know that later in my project I have to resize all windows, which is easy because it’s a component.
But changing 20+ x2 window openings in the walls will be a horrible task…


A component with Cut Opening properties can only cut one face.
If your inner and outer wall faces are in the same context, then you can play ‘tricks’ with nested components.
Like this … Thick Wall Windows.skp (45.3 KB)

Let’s say you’ve got a wall with a rectangular opening push/pulled through it and in the opening sits a window component. Assuming the component is sitting directly on the raw geometry of the wall (which it would be if you used a self-cutting window component), then you can select the edges and inner faces of the wall opening and the component all at the same time with a left-to-right selection window and move them around together as a unit. Of course, needless to say, you want to be sure you don’t select a bunch of extra stuff.


Thanks Gully!!

It worked.
Cheers, Joep