Trial gone from 30 to 7 days?

Hey, a little heads up needed here, did the trial go from 30 to 7 days since last week ?

@colin any official info on this ?
I’m starting a 3-days class right now, and I was surprised to see this this

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Fun thing.
Once started, in SU, it says 8days remaining.

Nice gift :slight_smile:

I noticed this too a few days ago, but if you click further it changes to 30…
Must be some mixup between PRO an the iPad version I guess…


It changes to 30 days online bit 8 on pc

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Even more weird… From 7 to 30 to 8…

I’ll add that 7 days is quite a handicap for me, teaching.

If they come for a 5 day class, it’s fine, we start the trial on monday, it ends next tuesday. cool.
but when they do sketchup + vray, it’s 5 +2 days. meaning that second vray day is without sketchup trial.

worse if for any reason we have to do over a weekend.
(not start on a monday)

15 or even 10 days would have been roomier.

It has changed to 7 days. @TheOnlyAaron may know if there is due to be a blog or forum post about the change.

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on one hand, I get why, 30 days might be quite long, and if all it took to get a free year was 12 email adresses well… I can make them 12 in an hour :slight_smile:
But man, it’s a steep change.

And it’s made steeper by the fact that we can’t buy a one month subscription.

Photoshop has a very short trial as well, but if you need a bit more time without committing a full year, you can just pay one month.
Sketchup doesn’t do that, it wasn’t much of an issue, it is now.

A full year of SU pro right now comes to about 27 €per month, give us a 40€month by month payment, like adobe does, that way people learning SU can just buy a month and decide after if they want to subscribe.

7 days is steep. and unannounced :slight_smile: one hell of a xmas gift :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally agree! I’m just back from a break for a year. I’m running live SketchUp webinars in January and I’ve had to tell possible new users of SketchUp that they only have a 7 day turnaround time to trial SketchUp. This window includes using the trial for my live webinar. This is a crazy timeframe considering that the pace of life nowadays is getting quicker!!!

I agree with @ateliernab if you’re going to reduce the trial period that much, you should consider monthly subscriptions. Or, as I’ve mentioned before, please provide some sort of training licenses/access for those who are providing courses/support.

Why does it always feel like SketchUp is pushing some of its most important user-groups further and further away??

Hi, quick question , is SU not owned by Google ?

No. It hasn’t been for more than a decade. Google lost interest in SketchUp a long time ago and Trimble bought it before Google just killed it.

Please correct your forum profile. There is no “Free Pro” version as you put in your profile.


No it is not, for over 10 years.
It’s Trimble now that owns SketchUp.


Sorry for answering in what seems to look like a repeat of what @DaveR wrote.
It was not!


Thank you , on a different note ,I’m still on the fence if I should buy a yearly subscription.

If you are going to only use it in a hobbyist capacity you can stick to the free web version.

What does your fence look like. Have you used the trial yet, (as I think you have)?
Also, how familiar are you with SketchUp, whether the trial or the free web version. They both produce the same geometry output.
Also, what will you be using SketchUp for?

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Wo3Dan , I use it for woodworking projects around the house ( not for business purposes ) and I have tried the free trial twice , (compare to my old 2013 version) , this one is far better on the resolution aspect of it , also , I’m not great , but , I get around not to bad .
There’s always room for improvement as I learn more doing the tutorials.

What did you experience that leads you to say that? The Web and Pro version are both capable of same level of precision. Just wondering if there was some confusion that unnecessarily turned you off of the web version of SketchUp Free.

Oh no, I was just referring to the Pro trial ,which I used ( like I said ) twice , compared to the 2013 version that I have , the Web version ,on the other hand , only tried a few days ,and have nothing against that version .
So, If you’re saying that the Web is the same , I’ll wait till the trial ends and go on the Web one .
BTW, if I start using the Web one , can I still access my drawings ?

Yes, You can save them on Trimble Connect (by default), or download them to your own computer.

And upload any drawings you’ve already made using a desktop verson to the Web program.

There are several important differences between the Free web version, the paid-for web version Sketchup Go, and the desktop versions.

See here for a comparison.

It doesn’t seem to refer to what for me are some of the other important differences:

  • neither web version can use plugins or extensions, only the desktop versions can

You get a few extra tools in the web Go version:

  • Go has more import and export formats than the Free version, but fewer than either Desktop version

  • Go can use Live Components

  • Go includes Solid Inspector (very useful for 3D printing to help you to fix non-solid components to make them printable). Free doesn’t. The Desktop versions need a (free) plugin of the same name

  • it includes the Outliner, displaying a hierarchy of Groups, Components, and Section planes in your active model

All Desktop Pro versions include Layout, a 2D program that can import views of one or several SU models to document them

For hobby use only, you can still download a copy of the free SketchUp Make 2017 version. It’s no longer supported by Trimble/SketchUp, and may not work on more recent operating systems (Windows or Mac). Search this forum for a legitimate source of the installer. As with any SU version more than two generations older than the current one, Make 2017 no longer allows direct access to the 3D warehouse, but you can still access that via a browser, download models in Collada format, and import them into Make. It can use most extensions, though not all recent extensions work with it.

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