Trial gone from 30 to 7 days?

Hey John thanks for the info , will look into all that and btw , where in the forum, ( any particular thread) I may look for the SU17 ?
Thanks , and for all , HAPPY HOLIDAYS !

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It won’t be on the forum. There is no legitimate source for it. The only legitimate source would have been the SketchUp site but it’s not available there anymore. You can do a search for it and probably find a source for it. Download it at your own risk. It hasn’t been supported for 6 years. The 3D and Extension Warehouse also don’t support it.

To all , thanks for the information , like I said , I will try the web version once the trial is over .
On a side note , ( I’m sure some of you may have mention it ), about the zooming to fast and the Orbit not working all the times ,well I tried limiting the scroll wheel from 3 pages to 2 and it seems to have done the trick …so far . Cheers!!!

Since Trimble likes the yearly subscription, it would be nice if a new user could purchase the first month simply on that prorated price, then if they want to commit to more, they would need the yearly subscription. They might limit it to only one 30 day subscription, but your use case seems to justify it. I like SketchUp/Layout, but I doubt if I would have wanted to commit to a full year’s price just within the first week of using it.

Yeah this is a mistake on Trimble’s side, some decisions they’ve been taking lately are scaring customers away. It’s a shame cause it’s a great program and I would like it to become an industry standard.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trimble has something planned regarding the way subscriptions are handled that would make this 7 day trial make sense. But people like to think the worst.

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When I tried SketchUp first, the trial time was 8 hours, although I was “sold” in about 15 minutes. But if Rhino is considered SU’s closest competitor, their trial period is still 90 days, commercial work allowed, so at the point we are now, 7 days sounds a little Uncle Scrooge’ish.


If I remember right, that 8 hour clock was only ticking when SketchUp was opened.
So you could smear that out over multiple days…

That’s correct. Actually I think it was only while the focus was on SketchUp, too. SketchUp could be open but the clock only ran while you were working in it. I have SU3.1 installed and although I have my license information entered I’m still running it on the trial but then I usually only use it for a few minutes at a time.

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Months actually, since you could have both ‘make’ (it wasn’t called that back then) and Pro installed separately you could do most of your work in the free version and only fire up pro for exports, imports and any other strictly pro options you needed… You could limit your actual pro time so much it could last a long time. Don’t ask me how I know.


It was 8 hours when I first tried SketchUp 3 on Mac. As I only got around to checking it out now and then, the 8 hours lasted me months, and then I had a fresh 8 hours with SketchUp 4. I did eventually have a reason to need to buy SketchUp, but by then SketchUp 5 was being released.

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