Transparent wire mesh image

I am trying to do a wire mesh. The idea is to create material with a texture of mesh with transparent background. I created this png file and added it to material. But I would expect that the white color should not be visible. As in Windows image viewer the white is not white, but transparent… So how to fix this problem?

Edit the PNG file.
Depending on your editing tool…
Flatten it.
Add a transparency layer.
Then use a magic-wand to select the white parts.
Now them.
Save the changes and the material’s texture should now appear transparent in the ‘gaps’ ?
Even when the material has no transparency [100% opacity] !

ln your graphic, your Opacity setting is set to 65%. You want to make sure your Opacity is set to 100%.

No flatten possible because there is indexed layer (no more layers). I think it is fully transparent file.

If I set it to 100% the white areas are clearly visible.

Transparent wire mesh image for you.

Thank you. Anyway I tri

ed to paint it on whole object or only on one side and the result now is that I can see the original material. I dont see why I can add two materials. I know I can edit the original, but though I would expect only one material to be applied.

You you please make this transparent?

I have compared the images and SU does not work with indexed layers. So I have converted my image to RGB and now it works transparent. Thank you.

Your welcome.

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