Question to V-ray developers for Sketchup. Version V-ray 6.00.01. Problem "png" image with transparent background "emissive" material

V-ray 6.00.01 version.
Good day everyone!. why when adding “png” image to “Generic” material the background is transparent. And if you add the same “png” image to the “Emissive” material, then the background is black? Thank you!

I am no developer but perhaps adding the same bitmap to the Transparency channel (or creating a black and white version of it) might work. At the moment tranparency seems to be unchecked.

So one way to do this is to create a mask in an external program, but I think you could probably do it in V-Ray.

Create a Color Correction texture and drop your bitmap into it as an instance.

Then edit the color correction texture and choose re-wire RGB.
Change the R , G and B channels to inverse alpha

This will give you a black and white image

Drop drag that whole color correction texture into the transparency slot of the emissive material


wow it worked!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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