PNG not transparent in render [using Vray]

Hi folks.

I have a question to a problem you’ve probably encountered before, but somehow I can’t find any solution on the internet.

The problem is, I get a black background on my PNG’s when I render my project. I hope one of you can tell me what I do wrong. My plan is to make a plastic wall with a logo on one side.

Here’s what I normally do.

  1. I start out by creating a vray infinite plane.
  2. Then I create a box from a rectangle and push/pull.
  3. I select it and make it into a group.
  4. While highlighted, I go into the VRay asset editor and choosing the “Plastic Simple Shiny Black”, changing it to another color in diffuse, under the VRayBRDF section, and then apply the material to the selection.
  5. Then I import a PNG with transparent background onto the face of the box.
  6. After that I go for the render.

I’m using Sketchup 2019 and Vray v4.

Any ideas what I do wrong?

Kind regards

Did Anyone answer this? I am having the same issue. I am using SU 2017 with Vray 3.40.4
You can see the dark square around the image in the render window

Not a Vray user but based on using other render programs I’d check two things first. Make sure the .png image is not touching the surface with the brick texture and turn off “cast shadows” in the Vray editor for the .png image.

It sounds to me that it’s as simple as making sure that you ‘Explode’ your imported image prior to rendering so that V-Ray reads it as a texture. See example of first unexploded image, then exploded:

And as @tuna1957 said, you may need to move the exploded texture off of the surface in order to avoid ‘Z-Fighting’. I moved mine 0.01" in the bottom image.

Thank you so much guys! That did it!

I’m still kinda new to VRay and rendering in general so this was a big help. I was convinced I needed to diffuse the maps alpha and couldn’t find it for the life of me lol


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1.GROUP the surface you want te place the PNG on.
2.IMPORT PNG and place on surface
4.Bring 1cm to front so logo appears again

Kind regards