Transparent/white background on V-Ray render

I have started using the V-Ray plugin for Sketchup, however when rendering my object it is rendering with a dull grey background and therefore when saving to png the background is coming across with it. I want to have no background, so that it is just a blank/white background and I can apply the image onto other things in photoshop for example.
I have seen a lot online mentioning to turn off “affect background” in the VRay settings, however this option is nowhere to be found, and any tutorial I have seen is showing an older version with different dropdown options which no longer exist on the newer sketchup/VRay.

I must be missing something obvious, hopefully, as it seems a very simple issue and having a transparent background seems like a common need when rendering.

For information - I have set the scene background in sketchup to white rather than the default grey, and set the background to white in the VRay asset editor under environment. But no luck.

Basics of V-Ray at Learn how to render in SketchUp using V-Ray | Chaos

What file type did you save the rendering, .jpg or .png?

I am saving the render as png

  • open a new file in SketchUp
  • draw a box
  • open V-Ray and ‘Revert to Default Render Settings’
  • render the scene and save as .png

The third picture is .png with transparent background.

How do you save the rendering? With auto-save?

I don’t use autosave, I save once it has rendered.

I did as you instructed and it has indeed worked properly, with a transparent background. So maybe it is a setting that changed once I begun adding light effects. I did change the Albedo colour to white previously in my object file on VRay, and managed to get a transparent background. I will proceed with important my sketchup file into a new blank file and starting from the beginning, and hopefully achieve transparent background that way.

m not sure if I should be changing the Albedo colour but at least I know this does fix it if it isn’t giving transparent background normally.