Transparent Viewports in Layout

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I think this may have been asked before, and I’m sure I’ve seen a thread about this somewhere on this forum, but, just in case…

Is there a way to create transparent viewports in Layout, so that when I stack this on top of another viewport, I can see the one below?

It’s not something I desperately need, but it would be good in a current project I’m working on.

Many thanks.


Yep, there is. Also depends if you are on a mac or not - there is a bug on mac that prevents this. On windows, ensure your style has no background or watermark enabled, that should translate into layout where you can layer on top of another. On a Mac you have to sort of hack it by assigning an X-ray shading style which sort of approximates (ish) the effect. it used to work ok in pro 2016 but it’s bust in 2018 (not sure about 2017 as I never actually used that version).

Ok, on Mac, so yes set style to X-ray and you can sort of get a poor mans version of it. You may need to do some additional manual line work in LO to beef it up a bit.

Thank you Rob

Bugger! Yes, I’m on a Mac.

Method sounds ok though. Does that make the model transparent as well, which is what I want.

Basically, I have a scene where I’ve hidden the walls to show the detail I need. I would like to be able to have the same scene in a viewport where the model is transparent so I can overlay this. This way, the detail I need will show, but there will also be the transparent walls. I’ll also use a clipping frame to get rid of the rest of it.

Hope that makes sense.


yep, makes model transparent too, you can double up the LO layers to control (ish) the effect)


Hi Rob

Well, it worked, although I could not quite get it as transparent as I wanted.

I used a Transparent Style in Sketchup, and created a new version, with increased transparency.

I think with some tweaking, I could get it to be better.

Thank you for the help.

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No probs Michael

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