Transparent seen through solids?

Anyone seen this before? I’ve had it a couple of times…

The transparent texture is overlaying on top of a solid texture. This is only evident through one surface - add another surface to look through and it’s gone.

I’m guessing that stone texture has some transparent pixels in it - something that would make SU treat it as a transparent face. Is it a PNG, or TGA etc? (Or the material opacity isn’t 100% opaque?)

You might see the effect change if you change the transparency setting under Style > Face.

But your best solution is probably to open the texture and ensure it’s fully opaque.

If you could share the model, or the piece that reproduce it’d be easier to determine what is going on. It could even be related to graphic card.

Usually, also, switching Transparency quality (Styles>Edit>Face settings) to something else than Faster helps with these kinds of problems.


I’ve found that Medium often works better in many cases than Best. Some rare models where Faster produce better results.