Solid faces showing up as lines when viewed as "shaded with textures"

i am working on a model that is 75.4mb - this just started happening recently - but when i change the view to “shaded with textures” some of the solid faces that i am pretty sure are actually solid faces (because they show as solid faces in the “monochrome” face style) show up as lines w/o any faces.

any thoughts on what might be causing this? is the file too big? i have worked with larger sketchup files without any issues - but this is the first time i have seen this happen.



<please see view of “shaded w/ textures” above and “monochrome” below. see the wall in the middle of the view that looks like lines in “shaded w/ textures” but looks like a solid in “monochrome”

A guess would be that there is something wrong with the Layers. Can you check if the geometry is assigned to the same layer?

Another possibility: did you paint them with a transparent material? Such materials show as opaque under “monochrome”.

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hmmm - its not a layer issue - because those two views were taken with only one variable changing - i switched the face styles. and then exported to 2d.

yaaayyy! this worked!

i must have colored the walls with a fully transparent material - and because they were all grouped it effected all of them.


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