Only seeing wireframe not solids

I bought this file from 3DExport and I’m not able to see solids, only wireframe. Is it possible to change it?
I’m attaching a screen shot.

Hard to tell exactly without seeing the actual .skp file. The faces might exist and just be hidden or they might not. What file format was it when you got it?

Are you viewing in Shaded or Shaded with Textures mode?
Did you get the object as a SKP model or another file format?
If you imported it, is the size very small?

I got it as a skp file. The file is pretty big. I’m not able to attach the file since it’s so big.

You could upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Here is a Drop Box Link

The model view is set to hidden line mode, which makes faces seem to be missing. Try monochrome, Shaded, or Shaded with Textures instead.

Edit: all the materials have opacity set to 0! When shaded or shaded with textures are chosen, the faces are transparent.
Edit 2: Here’s what it looks like after I changed all non-glass to be opaque

BTW: this model is extremely heavy, with over 2 million edges! I don’t know what you plan to use it for, but if as a decorative element in a bigger model, this is wildly over-detailed.

Why pay, and for a model without wheels?

Hi Magnus 2, hi folks.

I loaded your model. It is 266.2 Megs. Very big.

I purged it. Its size went down to 90.6 Megs. Better but still big.

The shadows are turned on. I turned them off. This mode impose a lot of work on SU rendering engine.

I saw that Hidden Edges are on. I turned them off. The model vanished.

This is normal since it is displayed in Hidden Lines modes. I switched to shaded with texture but got nothing. I switched to Monochrome and it works. I see the model.

Then I examined the materials and saw that they seem to be translucent, all of them. I deleted them all and now, Shaded, Shaded with textures give the same result as Monochrome, except for some faces that vanished in anything but Monochrome Mode…

I also measured the model and it is more than 42 feet (13 meters) which seems to indicate that it is modeled with a scale factor of 4 approx.

There are no components in this model. For example, using components for the wheels would have saved a lot of geometries instead of using four independent groups. The same would have been a size saver if the model used components for doors. One component for the front right door and a flipped copy for the corresponding front left one and, of course, the same procedure for the center doors.

By the way, it is a very nicely detailed model of a Mercedes mini van. The only draw back is that it is so much detailed that its size is quite big. And, to make it better, it would require a painting with correct materials and colours.

After posting, I saw that slbaumgartner had already answered.