Transparency Quality: "Nicer" What's it doing under the covers?

Trying to troubleshoot some things. How does “Nicer” work with respect to “Faster” under the Transparency Quality Settings?

Does nicer attempt to sort all objects exactly per frame for transparent rendering? Or is there some kind of Order-Independent shader magic going on?

Prior to SketchUp 2017, nicer transparency was implemented with a depth based sort to ensure correct results during alpha blending. This yielded good visual results but was very expensive.

In SU 2017, with the rewrite of the rendering subsystem to leverage modern OpenGL features like shaders and framebuffer objects, we were able to switch to a shader based order-independent solution.

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Gotcha, is it something like depth peeling or a weight blended thing?

It’s a simple depth peeling solution. We found that depth peeling yielded the best visual results in our testing and is also most widely compatible with all our target platforms.

Makes sense, thanks for your help!

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