AA is disabled when using transparency mode nicer

aa is disabled when using transparency mode nicer…
what more do i need to say :slight_smile: nvida gpu with latest drivers…

i hope someone has a nice tip how this is can be fixed!


Hmmm… I just checked on my computer at work which has an nVidia GPU. I’m not seeing a change in AA when I set Transparency to Nicer. I’ve tried various AA settings and they seem to work the same either way.

Assuming that SketchUp is using the NVIDIA GC and not some other integrated thing ?

Just in case you didn’t install SketchUp perfectly, and it’s causing unpredictable weirdness…
Do these steps…

  • Close SketchUp
  • Find the SketchUp installer exe file - probably in your Downloads folder - if not found re-download it.
  • Select its icon.
  • Right-click > context-menu
  • “Run as administrator”
  • When prompted choose “Repair”
  • Restart SketchUp and see if it helped.

It can do no harm !


hm i will try tigs suggestion and let you know if it helps…

Hi, I have the same problem, I’ve been trying to resolve this for almost 6 mounths ( with differents GPU drivers, differents Sketchup 17 versions…) but nothing do.

Everytime I switch from “faster” to “nicer” AA seems to go to 0, even if I set it to x64 in the preferences panel, doing that make the model laggy though.

I’ve tryed every suggestion I could find, but the problem still there.

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