Transparency mode/tool: can't find it on the new Sketchup version!

Dear all, can you help me? I am lost! I used to work with Skethup 8 and now I have downloaded the new free version on my new computer, and I can’t find the transparency tool anymore. This tool was very useful to see the hidden geometry in my model.

Thank you in advance for the help and looking forward to hear back from you.

View menu>Face style>X-ray?
(or the leftmost button in the Styles toolbar)


Same place it’s always been as Anssi so quickly showed.

Thank you Dave, working. The icon is not showing on the large tool set so I couldn’t find it.
Not sure how to place the icon on my tools set?

The large toolset cannot be edited but you can either open the Styles toolbar, which Anssi shows, or create a custom toolbar which includes the X-ray button. Probably just easier to open the Styles toolbar, though.

Edit: My apologies. I didn’t realize immediately that you are working with Mac. You can either open the Styles tool palette or customize the top bar and drag the X-ray button to it. Look at the bottom of the View menu for Customize…

Curiously, the x-ray mode button is packaged together with other “face settings” buttons in the “styles” toolbar, but is separated from them in the styles editor and is also the only face style button available to be dragged separately into the main toolbar on Mac. BTW, you can also get to the toolbar customize by right-clicking on it.