Cannot find Toolbar with X-ray Tools

I’m working my way through SketchUp Fundamental Course #6 on Windows 10 machine via 2020 Trial license.

Is it possible for me to have the same toolbars as are shown in the “Selections” lesson module; in particular the X-Ray toolbar (2:50) ?

I have found the toolbar that shows views of model- Iso, Top, Front, Rear, Side, but unsuccessful in locating the X-Ray toolbar. I can use View > Face Style > X-ray to toggle on/off, but would prefer to have the toolbar for this shown . How do I get that toolbar to display? (Did I miss a discussion about Face Style ?)


X-ray is in the Styles toolbar.

@DaveR: Got it!

I find it worth while to have a shortcut for toggling X-ray on or off (I use x) but be aware if you do use that shortcut, when you are doing a multiple Move/Copy or Rotate/Copy (m + Ctrl, or Opt on Mac or q + Ctrl, or Opt on Mac) you need to use 5x rather than x5 to make five copies.

I also have a shortcut for toggling View Hidden Geometry on of off and use Opt + h on Mac, or Ctrl + h on Windows.