How to find "X-Ray view" in SketchUp 2021?


I am following your tutorials, which are produced in SketchUp 2020. I purchased SketchUp 2021, which means that some things are different (because they always MUST change things every single year, without updating the tutorials /rant).

Tutor clicks in the top menu where an X Ray view button is conveniently located.

Not the case in Sketchup 2021, there is no such button on the top menu, nothing. Upon searching online, I went to the “Styles” menu, but theres no Xray view button there.

How on earth do I get the X Ray button to the top menu, the same way as shown in the video tutorial?

Thank you in advance.

Nothing has changed in this regard in more than 10 years.

On the PC it’s View>Toolbars. Choose the Styles toolbar.

Was just going to correct myself Dave…PC is different.

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Ahhh thank you again for your help.

I found and added the tool from View > Toolbars > …

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