Are transparent views not available in online sketchup 2023

I used to find the transparency option useful for lining up curves and so on, but can’t find it anywhere on the online free version of sketchup 2023.

Likewise: X-ray view in surfaces and the option to alter the colour and proportional size of textures such as brickworks; gravel; grass and so on.

Has all of this been stripped out?

You can choose a wireframe or xray style from the Default Styles but in the free version there is no option to edit styles which is what the Styles tool bar does in the desktop version.

I don’t see any change to material scale in the models I tested. Maybe your materials are applied to scaled objects?

I’ve asked you to do this before. One more time. Please complete your forum profile.

I think shift+x is the default for x-ray in the web version, and back edges is k. Or use the strange search icon on the top of the left toolbar.

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