Transparency issue in SU 2024 on M3 Max Mac broke Vray rendering

This issue just got worse for us, when we use the old engine everything kinda works fine, BUT Vray doesn’t agree and just says there are no transparant (openings) in sight, so we can’t render anything… What can we do now???

Can you share your model? Is it just Light Gen that’s not working or other things? I assume you’re using the latest version of V-Ray with SketchUp v2024?

Hi Eric, this only started on SU 2024, on 2023 it worked fine. It’s not just the light gen, also the normal render engine turned out black with different settings all the time. That’s why I used the light gen to check things out. Besides that the glass material was from Chaos Cosmos, so that should be fine… It really has everything to do with the new SU engine and the Mac M3 chip i’m afraid :frowning:

Have you posted to the Chaos forum? If it’s V-Ray and M3 then perhaps there’s little we here at SketchUp can do to solve at the moment.

Hi Eric, I understand your way of thinking, but the newest Vray on SU 23 worked just fine on our M3 Max, everything just broke when SU 24 introduced the new engine, so in my opinion this can’t be Vray’s problem…

Happily to inform you that all (for as far as we can see) is resolved on M3 Max Mac’s now! :slight_smile:

How was it resolved?