Translucent material with light

Hello everyone,

I’m currently designing a restaurant for a very rich client. My project is made of transluent polycarbonate.

I am trying to do some 3D rendering with vray for the client.
I would like to have the same effect as the image below from the architects of Kengo Kuma if it’s possible.

I’m here seeking for some help if some people might have a solution of what kind of material i must use or if there are other tricks that can let me create a similar transluent atmosphere.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

While not perfect, here is a quick test using VRAY’s default ‘Translucent white’ plastic material:

SU Model fm 3D Warehouse:House-Translucent.skp (690.2 KB)

Wooow looks great!!

It’s very similar to what i would like to get.

Iq it possible for you to make your vismat file accessible here please?
As I’m using only vray 2.5, i dont have those default materials from vray 3.

Thanks a lot.

VRAY 3+ has a great default library that along with the improved UX/UI is a huge improvement from version 2+. Something to consider. (10.6 KB)

Followed your advice. Just downloaded the demo version of v-ray 3.6. Thanks a lot for your time and help.

No problem. Good luck and happy rendering :wink:

3 minutes render, with brighter3d 3.1.0.
HDR map used as a background.

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