Transferring Program to new computer

I am running SU 8 and just bought a new OS X El Capitan Mac Book Pro.

On the new laptop, Layout opens but is non-functional and certain functions
in SU not working either.

SU8 and LO3 are not supported on El Capitan. Time to upgrade to SU2016 and LO2016.

In addition many features of SU8 no longer work. This is especially true of web-based features such as 3D Warehouse and Get Location.

How do I upgrade to SU & LO 2016?

Download it from Keep in mind that for the pro version you’ll need to get a new license.

Is there an upgrade fee or do you have to purchase an entire license, which
would be most unfortunate

You’ll have to check on the SketchUp site. I believe at this point you would need to purchase a full license. If you keep up with the version changes there’s an upgrade fee which is considerably less money than a full license.

The best way to find out is the online license wizard:

(But I think it is 120/yr + 60 renewal fee.)

I put in my Serial Number and the spinning wheel never stops

Is it the serial number for SU2016? Did you also enter the authorization code?

Did you buy the license directly from Sketchup?

Could you please complete your profile with SketchUp version, operating system and graphics card?

It did not ask for my key code. I bought SU 8 directly from SU. My graphics card is fine. The new Mac has the most powerful graphics card

So you bought a license for SU8 years ago? That license won’t work for any other version of SketchUp. You’ll need to purchase a new license. As Dan indicated, you can use the Update Wizard to see what you qualify for.

Or are you trying to license your old SU8 Pro copy? If you are, I expect you’ll have problems because none of the web-based stuff from SU13 and older is functional anymore.

But I should be able to upgrade without paying full rice for SU 2016, no?

The upgrade wizard is not responding when I enter the old serial number to

Correct. But you will most likely be changed some amount of what maintenance fees you’d normally have already paid, if you’d kept current all this time, ie, between v8 … v2015. (The previous subscription fee with v2015, would have paid for the upgrade to v2016.)

The User Guide has a full chapter on Licensing:

User Guide: Understanding Your License

User Guide: Understanding Your License > Upgrading your SketchUp Pro license

User Guide: Licensing Troubleshooter

If you go through the troubleshooter form, it talks about the need to “convert” old licenses to new cloud-based licenses. (Not sure, but I think they changed the DRM product when they switched to cloud-based license with the v2015 release.)
Anyway, it says the store cannot do that automatically and gives instructions for contacting customer support so a person can do the “converting.”

you don’t need tu buy a full new license, an upgrade from every previous version is possible.

the SketchUp Pro License Wizard requires you to input your serial number as well as either your user name or company name or email address exactly as in your recent license data (see Win: “Help > License > License info” / OSX: SketchUp > License > License info), otherwise the license wizard cannot find your license.

for further questions you may want ask the SketchUp Pro Customer Service too.

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Got it done! $195 w/tax Not too bad.

Thank you