Training in SketchUp

I’ve been training people in SketchUp for the last 14 years. Though I’m based in Ireland, I serve people online internationally.

Yesterday I came off a call with an interior designer based in the US who is trying desperately to get a group of her colleagues to use SketchUp in collaborative workflow. She tried to get help from SketchUp, but was advised to travel to the Basecamp conference in Canada to possibly figure out the solution to using ex-refs and group coordination.

In our zoom session yesterday I introduced her to Trimble Connect for the very first time. No-one that she asked in SketchUp had highlighted that solution.

I’ve written 3 SketchUp related books I’ve trained some of the biggest companies in the world and gained a solid reputation which has won me repeat business.

Back in the Google days I had been registered with them as a certified trainer but when their programme was scrapped with the takeover by Trimble in 2012 I waited patiently for Trimble to establish a certification process. When it finally arrived, I attempted to become a registered trainer but instructions were unclear as to what I needed to do to pass the assessment. I’ve made two attempts so far, and both times I’ve only learned through my efforts what they were looking for via feedback. I now believe I understand what is required, yet the conditions (a few hours to make a substantial training video on three topics) is unworkable.

The problem with the assessment process is that we are required to demonstrate levels of SketchUp that have never been requested in my 14 years. We’re required to do academic-level dives into tools and settings that are extremely specialised. (I know and understand 99.9% of SketchUp’s features as I’m a dedicated professional and keep up to date.), but I have to train people in the real world and serve their needs. They NEVER require deep dives into a tool or setting- with the exception of when I recommend a particular solution. That is my skill more than anything else- The ability to point out what will help my clients. If I need to look more closely at a tool or setting for a client I may need to do a little practise to refresh my memory. And I do that on my own time. Not to mention having a good handle on appropriate plugins that may assist my clients. That is MUCH more important.

My client outlined her frustrations with regard to SketchUp as an entity. She loves the software but is finding it increasingly difficult to justify working with a product that doesn’t have structured training delivery like AutoDesk. I would ask SketchUp to start addressing this problem as it’s losing support from some loyal defenders.

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