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I am looking for a class or tutor to progress my sketch up skills. I am an interior designer using sketch pro on an iMac. I do all my 2d drafting in PowerCadd then import into sketch up with a dwg. I feel I am intermediate in my skills but also realize there is a lot I don’t know.

I have taken 3 classes, one online and 2 in person. I prefer an in person classes but can not find a more advanced class. I am located in the SF east bay.

Does anyone have a recommendation for an intermediate to advanced class or is anyone willing to tutor me by the hour?

I don’t know if I could do you a “class” but this is what I do ( use PowerCADD and SketchUp in work). I’ve taught PowerCADD BTW, but like SU it doesn’t take much “teaching”. I would do a one day intro for people who already knew some CAD. Anyway I might give you some ideas on the two together, if have questions. Oh, I am in Sonoma. Personally I don’t know of any established teachers or courses around here, but that doesn’t mean anything.

How advanced? Mostly I think when it comes to SketchUp everything you need is on the internet, it just depends on what it is specifically you need to learn, hard to see without assessing your current level and what you deem to be an advanced level.

Always glad to meet another PowerCADD user. I’ve been using PC since 1989, and was a listed trainer for a while. I first got SketchUp in 2002 and have gradually increased the percentage of time in SU vs PC ever since. I do spend a lot of time in SU now, but PC is still my main tool for anything 2D. My work flow still involves working out 2D plans and sections in PC and bringing them into SU. I’ve been teaching SU to high school students for 6 years now, and have done two introductory SU classes at my local AIA chapter (CT). I’m on the wrong coast for in person training, but it sounds like @pbacot isn’t far.

Yes, getting from the basics to intermediate and advanced is an effort and takes time. I continue to learn from everyone here on the board, and 3D Basecamp was great. Next one is September in Vancouver.

BTW, I put up an example PowerCADD drawing with SketchUp generated elevations in my example thread here.

Thank you for your responses. It is nice to hear of other PowerCadd users. There are far too few of us. Autocad is overkill for my projects. SketchUp has been a nice addition for my clients.

What prompted my question, I was making a shortcut for color by axis. When I pulled down the tool selections I realized how many tools that I only don’t use but also had no idea existed. I feel I have hardly scratched the surface of this program.

I have some specific questions. This forum is very helpful but I prefer to sit down with someone in person but maybe screen sharing and a phone call would work.

These are the type of questions I have -
Should groups be solid?
How do you change color of standard materials? I would like to make the metal standing seam roof look like metal. I changed the color to grey but wasn’t able to retain the texture or make it look like metal.
Do you use dwgs to create walls or redraw the plan in SU? If you explode the dwg and use those lines how do you guarantee they are parallel and accurate.
Do you use the same keyboard short cuts for PowerCadd and SketchUp?

I am planning to go to Vancouver next September, attending bootcamp on Saturday and Sunday. Curious if most people go for all 5 days. Attending for the weekend is realistic with family and work but will I regret not staying the extra days?

@DaveR does this sort of things…


You should make some nice connections at Bootcamp!
Neets online here also seems a good source relating to Interior Design.

I have made some shortcuts similar to my PowerCADD settings, but I prefer to keep the standard SketchUp shortcuts for most tools. You’ll pick them up quickly.

I have often felt it best to not explode the imported dwg linework, but use it for drawing over. However since I control the whole process, starting with drawing in PowerCADD, I have confidence in the import and often do actually use the imported edges for elements in SketchUp. I export a stripped-down dwg with only the lines I want. I prepare layers and groups in PowerCADD to simplify the import. I draw these elements carefully in PowerCADD but check myself when I clean up the export. The command “select adjoining” is a good check if your lines are intersecting properly before you export.

Are you using WildTools?

Making metal look like metal. Most standing seam roofs are painted and I don’t try to have a metallic texture on them. I would need to see the texture you began with and how you turned it gray to see why it didn’t get the effect you wanted. Without rendering, you can’t get the reflections and sheen that make roofs look realistic. In projects where I didn’t want to use renderings, I have used gradient patterns to suggest sheen, as you can add in Photoshop.

IMO for architectural models, groups don’t have to be solid. But you may desire solids if you want to have a form that you can carve and combine with other forms, using Solid Tools, or if you hope to print models, or have an interest in finding the volume. Doing “solids” is good practice for clean modeling technique.


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Ok, that’s it. We’ll have to arrange a get together of PowerCADD users at 3D Basecamp 2020. I’ll be there. I guess I better be there since I’ve just been told I’m going to be a presenter. Honestly though, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and side conversations were at least half of what I got out of last Basecamp.


‘The key to success…!’ :sweat_smile:

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I heard rumors that there were some presentations too.


I got lost

And ended up here, all the time


I am curious about bootcamp vs basecamp. I know this is going off topic of my original post. Let me know if I should start another post.
My understanding is bootcamp is classes, learning and basecamp is more like a typical conference.
@RTCool - do you know what day you are presenting?
An agenda hasn’t been posted to the website. Does it follow the same schedule every year? I have watched a few YouTube videos from past years.

Firstly I would suggest that as it’s your thread you can take it as far off topic as you want, we have certainly gone for a good stroll with it.
Bootcamp and basecamp are two things that are so inextricably linked that it is hard to unravel them.
Bootcamp is two days of very valuable classes, hands on stuff.
Basecamp is the rest, the classes, the talk, the presentations, the drinking, the dinners, the parties, the sober infrastructure that is a conference.
How you split the value of those points is down to you.

If it’s of any value…I can do hourly SketchUp training on line with you (live), wherever you are. It’s one on one at $60.00 / hour.
I know nothing about PowerCadd, but that’s not the point. You’ve figured out how to import a .dwg file. From there it’s simply using the SketchUp application anyway. Been using SU for over 20 years.


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Did you have to redo one?:smiley:

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OK, you caught me…got a bit over zealous.

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Time certainly flies…

Especially when you pass 65: LOL

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