Traditional Toys

not only “until” but perhaps before and during as well :smiley:

I added a basic round table top shape below the components with a darker wooden texture running across the view. I used Round Corner to ease the edges of the Dominoes as they would have in reality, I noticed the others looked a little flat. I also tried using a global KerkyThea environment but it didn’t work too well. I went back to two lights as the first try, one in front and one directly above. Rendered on high settings again in Twilight. I hope it’s something like you imagined…


Something a little more colourful, a small bowling set based on one I saw online…


A simple train to add to the list. I have lots of “Thomas the Tank Engine” trains in the loft (attic), they would make interesting models. The style used has sketchy edges and an old paper watermark.


On the same kind of theme as the last train post, I thought I’d do a version of a wooden Earth Mover truck that I saw at the time I did the train. I’ve been doing bits and bobs of it mainly while waiting for my bath to run on an evening.


As I got further along I started thinking about how it could all fit together If it were made, all I had to go on really were a final image of the thing. I went back and added a simple dowel construction to the model. I used the Trim Tool from Eneroth Solid Tools to cut the bores with the dowels, with everything left in place as I did it. I went for some small tenons for the bucket.

I made an exploded view too that turned out a bit cluttered really. Its tricky sometimes to show lots of parts in a clear way. I think It would have been better to do just the base first and then an explode of the cab and bucket assembly above the assembled base. That’s what I started thinking anyhow.


Simply intersecting cylinders and 3d text with spheres…


@Forestr , thanks for your show of support to the thread, I do appreciate it :wink:

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You’re welcome! I love to look through 3D models. I think the wire bead puzzle is my favorite. I loved playing with those when I was a kid. Also, connect four and pool are some of my favorite games.

It takes guts to upload stuff on such a well monitored forum, but I do like to get involved. Never done anything like it before though.
The “Wire Bead” were a literally a puzzle to model, I found it really tricky to get the paths right, all the beads would pass around without colliding in the real world. I didn’t have to do that, but I felt it mattered to make it right.

Also, all the components you see in this gallery have correct face orientation and are solids. That way I can actually sleep at night knowing I’ve gone about things in a thoughtful way. :wink:


Well, if you’d like to engage in a friendly debate about face orientation, then you’re welcome to try to change my mind. :joy:

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Ah, you saw what I did there. Its the second time I’ve tried, lets leave it at that :grinning:

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Okay. Sounds good. I’m looking forwards to seeing more toy designs from you.

X… is for Xylophone.

A (Box-esque) exploded image of the main instrument…


I’ve been looking at all sorts of weird and wonderful designs for scrollsaw cutting lately. A particular image with some chess pieces caught my eye. There are many patterns out there for solid chess pieces but I thought the concept were a little more interesting as it involves 2x 2d parts to create them.
3mm Birch Plywood is used to cut the patterns out which are held together with a slot.

I thought I’d design my own variation of them, I don’t know whether I’ll end up cutting them though, I can’t play chess but they would be nice to try out to see if they work.


The patterns required to make the pieces…


You could laser cut them. The maker space I belong to has a couple laser cutters, but I haven’t mastered working with them.

I don’t have access to a laser but you sure could. Are you interested in trying them?

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That could be fun. I’d need to line up help with one of the “facilitators” because I’m still not accomplished enough on my own.

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What format does the machine accept, would you need the SKP model pieces?

I already put together a PDF designed for scroll saw, It takes two sheets A4 size 3mm plywood to cut 1 players set. Thats here for anyone to use anyway CHESS PIECE PATTERNS.pdf (63.4 KB)

Well, PowerCADD was able to open the pdf and convert it to vectored linework, so the underlying pdf must be vectored. That should be workable. I’ll ask around.

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I don’t know how far you’ve got with this thing. I didn’t anticipate them being cut on a machine and don’t know much about laser cutters. But I thought it would be of more use to give you some nice quality dxf files with polylines and real arcs, as opposed to the segmented ones that will probably be produced from the PDF i posted earlier. I reworked the patterns to extract the arcs and used “Simple DXF” plugin to produce the files. (This is probably the best I can do)

If usable on the machine they will not only give a nicer result, but will be a lot easier on the motors too. All that changing direction for the segments can’t be good for the machine.

Again, a single A4 sized sheet for each file should do it.

CHESS_1.dxf (33.8 KB)
CHESS_2.dxf (26.3 KB)