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not only “until” but perhaps before and during as well :smiley:


I added a basic round table top shape below the components with a darker wooden texture running across the view. I used Round Corner to ease the edges of the Dominoes as they would have in reality, I noticed the others looked a little flat. I also tried using a global KerkyThea environment but it didn’t work too well. I went back to two lights as the first try, one in front and one directly above. Rendered on high settings again in Twilight. I hope it’s something like you imagined…


Something a little more colourful, a small bowling set based on one I saw online…


A simple train to add to the list. I have lots of “Thomas the Tank Engine” trains in the loft (attic), they would make interesting models. The style used has sketchy edges and an old paper watermark.

IanT's Experimental Gallery

On the same kind of theme as the last train post, I thought I’d do a version of a wooden Earth Mover truck that I saw at the time I did the train. I’ve been doing bits and bobs of it mainly while waiting for my bath to run on an evening.

As I got further along I started thinking about how it could all fit together If it were made, all I had to go on really were a final image of the thing. I went back and added a simple dowel construction to the model. I used the Trim Tool from Eneroth Solid Tools to cut the bores with the dowels, with everything left in place as I did it. I went for some small tenons for the bucket.

I made an exploded view too that turned out a bit cluttered really. Its tricky sometimes to show lots of parts in a clear way. I think It would have been better to do just the base first and then an explode of the cab and bucket assembly above the assembled base. That’s what I started thinking anyhow.