SketchUp Arcade Machine

Hey all, I thought I’d share this here:

Last year I made an arcade machine for the SketchUp team:

Every part of this was designed in SketchUp. Each part was fabricated off of a SketchUp model. I even used MS Physics to create a SketchUp driving game that you could play right on it. Oh yeah, it shoots smoke too! Check out the video of it in action here:

I figured all of the SketchUp geeks here would appreciate it. We’ll bring it out for the next trade show, and maybe even Basecamp!


Impressive project!

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But the screen is not curved, and it has colours! :smile:
(remembering the “ping pong” machines from the 1970s).

Thanks @Cotty @Anssi It is a bit of a modern take on an old arcade machine, so no curved screen. However I did make SketchUp look very “8 Bit” by way of a custom style!

Nice job!

Thanks @liamk887 That was probably my favorite project of 2017.

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Nice, I would love to do a physical project this year I have not done one in a while.

Do it! Making stuff is awesome!