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Hi there!

Some of you may know me, I’ve built a bunch of fun projects for SketchUp, like this one: SketchUp Arcade Machine

For the past year I’ve been building software that will allow people to take their SketchUp designs and get them to their CNC a lot faster and easier than before.

We’ve built a cloud service that will take your models, extract the makable parts, nest them on sheets and give you ready to run machine code. We even help you figure out your feeds and speeds too!

We started out selling a slick integration for Vectric, and now we’re ready to alpha test our full cloud service.

Check out this demo:

If this is interesting to you, we’re looking for alpha testers. All you need is some SketchUp models and a CNC to test on. You can sign up for the alpha here:

If you have any questions happy to field them here!


Hi Eric. The video has got me all excited. Two questions before I get stuck in…

  1. I already have a Fabber forum account. Can I use it to be an alpha tester or do I need to make a new account?
  2. In your video there appears to be a unit selector pull down menu in the job setup window!! Is metric supported?!!

I can see you guys have done a great deal of work. It takes true grit to follow a project through like you have. You should be congratulated on your perseverance because the S.U. cutters community will benefit substantially. This is a quantum leap for woodworking using S.U. as a primary design tool!
Well done and thankyou!

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Nice! we’re excited about it too!!

Your account can be used to sign up for the Alpha. When you hit that site you’ll already be logged in, you’re essentially adding another subscription (it’s free) to your account to be an alpha tester. Just read the alpha tester page through and let me know if you have any questions.

Yes! I’m a fan of metric and our lead dev is in the UK, so you’ll see a lot of metric along with what we like to call “barbarian units” :slight_smile:

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Ha! remember there is still a great many uses for barbarian units! 1 doz barbarian eggs can be divided in half and then in half again and you still get a whole quantity of eggs!!! (12/2 = 6 & 6/2 = 3). Whole eggs are very useful.
Have you ever tried to divide 10 eggs (the base unit of the decimal system) in half and in half again? You wind up with 2.5 eggs! very messy. :confounded:

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I never really thought of it that way… although I’d still prefer if the US switched to metric! :slight_smile: