Sketchup to CNC: cabinets?


I’ve recently started taking CNC classes, does anyone have experience with creating cabinets/projects on Sketchup then CNC’ing them out? I’ve been thinking doing about home improvement/remodel projects I could expedite by creating a model then sending to a CNC.

I’m curious if there are builders on here that only model/CNC instead of traditional woodworking.

Check out Fabber.

I’ve downloaded this and am waiting to give it a try, do you use it by chance? I haven’t found much relating to it’s efficacy.

edit: can Fabber create 3D (organic) verticle cuts? Or is the Z axis locked into a plane during the cut?

I don’t use it. I model a lot of projects for woodworking but very little that would be suitable for CNC cutting.

I’m afraid I can’t answer regarding the organic shapes.

See here - CabWriter – SketchUp Based Cabinet Design Software (