Absolute beginner lost trying to build arcade need help

hi can anyone help me. I am a compete novice with my own money I am trying to make a game for deprived kids. (email grace@jeely.org.uk if you would like to confirm this) I paid for and downloaded plans from thegeekpub.com to make a raspberry pie arcade game. The plans are incomplete unless you can use Sketchup. I have a file but cant figure out how to get the free version of the sketchup onto my desktop. It seems to be an online file and if thats the case I cant figure out how to upload the file to it?

any good samaritan i assure you it is for a good cause.

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Maybe you can get away with the (not updated anymore) free desktop version SketchUp Make 2017 ( not for commercial use though ). The download page is mentioned regularly on this forum.

Unity is one of the best game engines for developing games and it’s free, unless you’re making over $100,000 a year from games. Then you have to buy the pro version.

Unity can make 2D arcade games too. SketchUp is a 3D modeling program and you can transfer those models into Unity for your game.

If you paid for plans for an arcade game, then it might be copyrighted. So it might be a bad idea to upload it publicly.

Is there anything specific you need help with or just finishing the game? Maybe you can make a similar one from scratch. There’s a commercial and collaborative work category in this forum, so you could look for someone to hire or help for free.

Best of luck! You’re doing a really nice thing. I’d love to hear more detail about your plans.

Thank you Dan.

hi Forestr,

its the frame within the cladding that isn’t clear to me. It seems it would be simple to give those dimensions (even a birdseye view) but they are omitted.

feel like a deer in headlights!!

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If you import the images, then you could trace them.

Hi Forestr, I’ve incorporated help. So getting someone else to build it. I spent another $14/£11 with that Geek Pub guy where I got the plans and I still didn’t get any help. As a matter of fact his plans are not only incomplete but they have the wrong dimensions. www.thegeekpub.com I think it may be a scam. Be aware.

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Martin Manley

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That’s too bad you might’ve been scammed. A good place to hire someone to make an arcade game is fiverr.com. Here’s someone who wants to make an arcade game… https://www.fiverr.com/share/r3YGx

Are you using sketchup to create the 3D printed physical form of the raspberry pi gaming system, or to design the 3D elements within the game itself?

Hi, it was to work out dimensions on plans I bought. The plans were incomplete. I think it’s a scam. Www.thegeekpub.com be aware.

Kind regards, Martin

So you’re looking to use SketchUp in order to help design and build an arcade cabinet and not a video game software itself. I think there might have been some confusion on that point earlier.

Were you ever able to get SketchUp running on your machine? You have a few options here. You can download a 30 day trial of SketchUp Pro, where you can use it to open and edit files for your use. Another option is to try using SketchUp Free, which should allow you to do what you need without any problems. There is no download required for it, since it’s a web-based service.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for replying. No I didn’t work it out. Please be aware of www.thegeekpub.com its a scam. I paid for incomplete plans then paid again for more info and it is still incomplete. Please let anyone know that makes things.

I have paid someone to finish the game for me. Nightmare as I would have never began if I thought the plans made it impossible for me to finish it. Although I’m sure it will be worth it when the kids see and play with the arcade.

Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

Kind Regards

Martin Manley

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Thank you taking the time & Kind Regards

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What were you looking to achieve by posting this scenario on this forum? I am genuinely curious, because it sounds like you were trying to do something pretty cool and there are a lot of people here who could have been a great resource to you. Despite many questions, you still never shared exactly what plans you were purchasing, or what your end goal was. Did you try to get SketchUp running so you could at least attempt to examine and update the plans?

Hi Ben, I was attempting to build a desktop arcade game to play games like space invaders. I produce lighting events. As part of this show (Space is the theme.)the kids have to play 6 games. Each game gives them a token. The first game to beat is the arcade game. With 6 tokens you get a space laser (toy gun vibrate sound and red light). The space lasers are to help defend an ET(Esque) character. Allowing ET to get onto a rocket ( smoke and cold pyro) and escape. If you are anywhere near Glasgow on 29th November please come along.

I always enjoy collaborating what’s your passion?

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Sounds great. But what exactly were you trying to get out of this forum, specifically? You posted an issue about running SketchUp itself, but weren’t very clear on what you needed it for and what help you needed using it. If you haven’t abandoned the project, you can probably still get input here.


Re forum; I couldn’t get sketchup to work. I was asking for help on installing or using the online or demo version.

I hope that was ok?

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Yes, that’s totally okay!
Were you able to get it running using the link I shared?

No I panicked so just paid someone to do it all. One for the lesson book!!