Traditional Toys

A few traditional toys have caught my eye lately for things to model. I spotted some like this, so I had a go. Its modelled accurately and I’ve kept the colours basic and vibrant. Gave me something to do on my usual late Saturday night. There’s a few others I might have a go at too.

Here’s the thing exploded into components:


The Finnish version by Juho Jussila has a couple of more shapes


My next little project, an alphabet puzzle board. There’s a hidden word in the removed letters, it should be easy…


A quick one to tick off the list, small abacus that stands just under a foot high. Based on what looks to be a home-made design.


I like them, congrats you both.

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I think it was your post about the dice and simple objects to draw that started the thought chain, so thanks.

Cool :slight_smile:

They are really wonderful. I think you have captured the subjects superbly and the simplicity makes them so clear.

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Thank you, that’s a great comment. Im glad you like them. :+1:

One day I hope I can learn to make drawings like this. The rendering/colours are divine.

The next addition “4 In a Row” is an absolute classic. I remember it only with the blue plastic look, but have seen a lot of wooden types around the internet. I’ve kept it pretty simple as with the others, using just a dowel rod that slides through the dividers to hold the counters in place. It stands just over a foot high and the counters are 40mm in diameter.

Here’s it exploded showing how the dowel works, I altered styles a bit to show the edges better:


Very well detailed, cool :slight_smile:

I did enjoy this gallery so I’ve eventually got back to it after some months. Todays addition is “Double 6 Dominoes”, one I meant to do a while back.
I made the dominoes by starting with half of one with all the dots. I made 7 copies of this “template” then made them unique then turned those into numbered halves 0 to 6. Then it were just a case of copying and joining the correct halves together to create a full set of dominoes.
I added joinery to the box and used a teak texture that isn’t brilliant, but I think it looks ok for this.

I find it always adds a little “life” just by moving things around a little:

Also an exploded scene, to show the full set of dominoes and the joinery:


I used Curve Maker to draw the helices for this “Wire Bead Puzzle”. I found it quite challenging not only to draw the paths in such a way to make sure the beads would pass all the way around, but also making sure the curves all blended nicely. Its a good exercise I recommend anyone to give a go.
I knew I’d have to avoid the small faces issue throughout, so I modelled the whole thing at 1000x scale then scaled it back down after I’d finished.
I thought I’d use Kerkythea to present this one, I haven’t used it in this gallery so far and just fancied a change.


Dominoes revisited with Twilight…



You should try a darker floor too (more contrast).

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@Cotty When you say darker, are you thinking still lighter than the box, or darker than the box?

I would try darker as the box.

Do you mean darker than the box?

Yes, of course, thank you. Hopefully I will be able to improve my English until Basecamp :wink: