A decade (plus) spent in SketchUp

Having scrolled through many of the galleries here, I have decided that I should put some of my own stuff up here. Mostly stuff that I have done for my work as a set designer. I recently purchased a copy of the Enscape rendering software and have found it to make a world of difference compared to the renders that I was getting before. So, I have started to go back in time, into my archive of models and started viewing them as newly rendered views. I will post things as I find time and find anything good. I may even post some new, non work related stuff too.
For now, let’s get started with an alien box that held a spooky creature in the final season of the Killjoys TV show. I was eventually made from CNC foam as a base, fastened to a plexiglas box with all sorts of pipe, conduit and other texture elements attached on top. Add spooky lighting, a bit of fog and you have an alien containment box!
Wide rendered with Enscape:

Detail rendered with Enscape:

Raw SU:


I’ve been scrolling through @Box’s gallery and I decided that I should give a bauble a try. This is where I ended up when my family started calling me to put the lights on the Christmas tree… I’m trying to figure out how to tell them that I am working so that I don’t have to go through that torture. Anyway, I give you a bauble.
Rendered in Enscape.


Just making my morning cup of coffee.
Have a great day!
Plugins: SubD; Vertex Tools 2; Enscape