Tooltip sticking to screen

Hi @Mark, recently (since today I think) I regularly get the cursor tooltip staying on screen in the SketchUp Web Free for no obvious reason. I can go on modeling and after some (not traced yet) actions it may / will disappear again. See:

(tooltips like: On Line or Center or Endpoint)

Any thoughts?

p.s. I already reloaded the app again.

added another example:

I just saw that, too.

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Can you provide steps to reproduce? I’m not seeing the issue.

Thank you.

Now I can’t make it happen. Maybe it was the way I was holding my tongue before.

Strike that. I just got it. Rectangle, Push/Pull, inference off Helen.

Still there after I made the above post, went back to SU, and orbited the camera.

It didn’t go away when I picked the Select tool but it did after I picked the Tape Measure tool.

My sequence:
Select the Dimensions tool > place dimension (tooltip appears but does not seem to follow next endpoint when creating the dimension) > select Select tool > Orbit (tooltip is still there, see screenshot) > Tape Measure tool makes it disappear again.

I think I have easy to reproduce steps, and an explanation about what is happening.

Harder Method
Use the tape measure to trigger an inference help tip. Mouse to an area that is not over the model. That can be outside of the browser window, or over the tool palettes, the fly out panels. Quite a few options.

While there, switch to the Orbit tool. You can now orbit and the help tip will stay there.

Simpler Method
During the time that a help tip has not timed out, type O to get the Orbit tool

The general case is:

Do anything that triggers a help tip, and while it hasn’t timed out, change to a tool that does not generate help tips. Any tool that does generate help tips will soon clear the one that is stuck.

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Which web browser are you using? We didn’t release any changes a few days ago, so this looks like a curious one. We’ll take a look!

You didn’t ask me but I’m using Chrome.

Too much old whiteout on the screen.

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Here it is in Firefox.

Screenshot 2020-09-24 at 10.37.41

As you can see, Chrome OS up to date.

I’m having the same issue, drives me crazy. Web is usually my place to model, I love the interface.

I’ve been using the free version for more than a year now. I started noticing this ‘tooltip-sticking’ maybe 2 months ago, yesterday I subscribed to a paid plan hoping it will fix the web experience, but apart from nice additional features, sticking tooltip still happens.

Any ideas?

Im on
Windows 10, 8GB RAM
52mpbs Internet

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