Tool-tips get stuck on the screen and don't disappear

The tool-tips for the rotation tool (and others) get stuck on the screen sometimes. The only way I’ve been able to reliably fix the problem is to switch to the Move tool and move my cursor around the screen. Then they disappear.

I can duplicate the issue with the following steps…

  • Select an object
  • Activate the Rotate tool using (Q)
  • Move the cursor around until you get some sort of tool-tip such as “On Edge” or “On Point”
  • Without moving the mouse, activate the Select tool using (Space Bar)
  • Move your mouse around and notice the tool-tip doesn’t disappear.
  • Activate the Move tool using (M)
  • Move your mouse around and notice the tool-tip disappears.

I know it’s not a big thing, but it happens to me often enough that it gets rather irritating.

It appears that the Move tool puts the interface into a mode where moving the mouse clears any tool-tips. Perhaps the other tools just need to be updated to match the behavior of the Move tool? :thinking:

I’ve read that it’s a known bug in some versions of some browsers.

Try a a different browser, or update your current one.

Hi John,

Tool-tips disappear properly when the Move tool is selected, so it’s not a browser issue. It’s probably a difference between the code for the Move tool as opposed to the code for the Rotate tool. It may even just be a difference in the CSS.

I’m a web developer myself, so I recognize the symptoms. I really don’t have the time to dig into (and debug) the SketchUp web app. I’m just logging the issue here as a bug, so someone can track it down and squash it. :wink:

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Makes sense.