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I don’t believe there’s a way to do this, but I would love to be able to disable on-screen tooltips during basic operations in SketchUp, namely - Scale. After initiating the Scale tool, grips become available for selection. But often times when I go to select a grip, an annoying tooltip pops up over the grip such that I cannot click on the grip. I have to carefully move the cursor beyond the tooltip, but not so far as to select another grip.

A tooltip should be a non-clickable window and should not be placed below the cursor.

When this happens, have you tried clicking the scale grip nevertheless?

Are you saying on your system the tooltip is clickable (absorbs the mouse click instead of allowing to click through) or do you mean the tooltip appears exactly below the cursor, or are you just feeling uncomfortable that tooltips appear in proximity to the cursor and in an obtrusive way?

The first one: the tooltip absorbs the mouse click making it difficult to actually select the grip. Nothing happens when the tooltip is clicked; it’s only acting as a barrier.

I knew such an issue could occur (because SketchUp doesn’t use OS-native tooltips anymore), but I have never heard it actually happening.

You are using Windows 10 Pro, what .Net framework version? I don’t know enough about which technology SketchUp uses to display tooltips (possibly similar case) and have no clue how to resolve the issue. But in case of doubt, you can make sure you have the latest OS updates, properly uninstall and reinstall SketchUp.

I’m current on OS updates. I’ll uninstall/reinstall SU if it gets really aggravating.

I’d be interested to see if anyone else can recreate this behavior. If so, it may be an easy fix for the dev team in the next release.

.NET Framework:

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There is a problem that the SketchUp team could fix. The tool tip is intended to appear a fixed distance away from the cursor, but it decides where that location is at the time that you invoke it. Some amount of time later the tool tip is ready to appear, and it appears at the cursor relative location it stored a little while ago. I’m only talking fractions of a second, but it is very easy to mouse over a handle to trigger the tool tip, and have moved the cursor a few more pixels before the tool tip appears.

If you’re doing that movement from the top left, mousing down and right, it it possible to get the tool tip to appear under the cursor. On Mac that just has the effect of making the tool tip disappear, you briefly see it flash on and off.

So, the SketchUp team could make a tiny change. Instead of:

detect rollover, note cursor location, create tool tip, show tool tip relative to the stored cursor location

they should:

detect rollover, create tool tip, now look at where the cursor is, and show the tool tip in the correct place.

Independent from the tooltip location, it should never be clickable. Colin, do you imply you have encountered something similar in SketchUp’s macOS version?

This seems to be specific to the scale tool. Its tooltip has different (incorrect?) window flags compared to all others (drawing tools, Ruby API tooltips, toolbar button tooltips).

I had never looked for the problem before, but it was easy to see how to make it happen on Mac. But, I did just try that under Windows 10, and the behavior is different, the help tip is placed relative to the control point, not the cursor. It is easy to then mouse over and click on the help tip. If the control is underneath the help tip, the help tip prevents the mouse click from getting through.

Scale seems to be a special case, with other tool tips, for example Endpoint, Midpoint, etc, the tool tip is not shown until you stop moving the mouse. With Scale the tool tips come and go even if you’re moving the mouse, which could increase the chances of ending up on top of the tool tip.

I have the same problem, although not as frequently, with Push/Pull. Once a Push/Pull limit is reached a tooltip pops up reporting the limit. This tooltip, like the one for Scale, absorbs mouse clicks and prevents ending the Push/Pull operation.

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