Phantom screen labels

I use the web version of SketchUp - the product some of you call SketchUp Shop but my screen says “SketchUp Web”. I understand that most of you use SketchUp Pro - the desktop version.

I frequently get a tiny label stuck on my browser screen - an artifact of some tool I’ve used - that won’t seem to go away. I have to close the browser window and re-open it in order to clear the label.

I suspect this is a matter of some interaction between the SketchUp JavaScript and my browser (Chrome).


This is a known issue which has be noted and acknowledged several times. No concrete news yet about when it might be addressed.

As EF wrote, the sticky tool tips thing has been reported. Hopefully it’ll get sorted out soon however considering that many of the SketchUp folks are off this week for the Christmas holiday, it might not happen right away.

FWIW, I moved your thread to the SketchUp Shop category.