"Midpoint in Group" label keeps getting stuck on screen

I’m using Sketup free in Google Chrome. Lately, in various drawings, I keep getting the label “Midpoint in Group” stuck on screen. I think it happens after I use the tool to place dimensions on screen. After I see “Midpoint in Group” labeled over my drawing, it will not go away without closing and re-opening the drawing. How can I make this label go away when it appears?

This sort of thing was reported a few weeks ago. I was seeing it myself. Recently I updated to the latest version of Chrome and I’m no longer seeing it. What version of Chrome are you using?

I went to check my Chrome version, and, as I did, it started updating to the latest version automatically. After updating and restarting, I deleted and re-added some dimensions, and the problem returned. So, the latest version of Chrome doesn’t seem to help me. Thanks for responding.

Did you do a cold reboot of the computer after the Chrome update?

This is the kind of thing I see. It used to be that the message would stick until the Select tool or some other tool was chosen.

No, I’m unaware of anything that changes with a reboot. What am I missing?

A cold reboot–power off and power on–should force programs to totally reload which doesn’t necessarily happen after an update.

I’ll certainly give it a try later today. Thanks.

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Good luck. If nothing else, it won’t hurt to power the computer down and let it reboot.

Same issue, checked update and restarted, still shows up for met too.


Mr V

What browser? I’m using Chrome and haven’t seen this for weeks?

I am using a Chromebook that is issued to students and teachers by our school board. Two years old device. Recent Sketchup updates are running very slow on these devices.

I’m seeing this in Firefox now as well, all up to date.

I had this happen today while recording a GIF for another user. A tool tip persisting long after the tool had been closed, just floating there in space. I’m using Opera and up to date.

Tool tips are now hanging on the screen in Chrome starting today. Weird.

I am using Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit) on a Dell Chromebook 11.

This persistent menu dialog issue is getting worse, now even the right click context menu hangs about making copy paste etc very awkward.

I recorded this in Firefox, then updated Firefox and even rebooted the pc, but it behaves the same.

Any updates on this issue? It is still happening to me. The only way to remove a tooltip in some cases is to refresh and reopen the drawing.

This was happening to me again recently in Chrome. I installed the Chrome update and that solved the problem.

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