Tool Windows keep moving around and becoming 'unstuck'

Hi -

I’m reaching out about an issue that has been on my mind for years, but finally thought I’d ask about it… I’m using a Macbook Pro, version 14.4.1

When using Sketchup or Layout, all of my tool windows (ie Layers, Shape Style, Sketchup Model, etc in Layout, Entity Info, Tags, Scenes, Sketchup) constantly come unstuck from one another. I love the feature where you can ‘stick’ them together in the order that you like, and then have a predictable toolbar that is customized. The problem is, I try to set them up in an order that I like, and then as soon as I expand a few of them, suddenly they come 'unstuck, and shuffle themselves up all over the right side of my screen.

Is there a setting that I can change so that they stay ‘stuck’ and stay in the order that I’ve set up? It would go a long way to making my workflow more efficient, if so.

If this is not currently a feature, can I suggest it?

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This is one of my biggest complaints with Sketchup