Tool Rest for Royce

Here’s what the model looks like. It still has inspector errors in the sides that I do not think I want to fix unless there is a way that doesn’t erase the whole model. What do you think?
Tool Rest for Royce.skp (75.3 KB)

The side plates are missing faces in the slot. There isn’t any reason to leave them. You edited the style so the back face color is very close to the front face color which makes it difficult to see that there are missing faces. Here I’ve changed the style to my default.

Edit the plate component and erase all but one large face. Then use Push/Pull to extrude the plate back to thickness.

The other thing I notice is you have one plate oriented incorrectly. There’s no way the upper bolt is going to be able to slide through the slots. Looks like you flipped the left one along its green axis.

Thanks Dave R.

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