Errors - Solid Inspector

I deleted, started over, made components, and started tags. When I used solid inspector, it showed errors in the bolt and the tool rest sides. I made the bolt just as instructed from a previous post. Surprisingly, the hex nut came out fine.
Tool Rest (2).skp (79.9 KB)

I’m not seeing any bolts modeled the way I instructed in your previous thread. They are all the same as before with loose geometry for the heads.

Try this:

Start a NEW blank SketchUp file. Model only the bolt as I showed you. Eliminate everything else and concentrate on just the bolt.

Rest for Tool Grinding.skp (16.7 KB)

I don’t see any issues with the bolt in that file. Both Entity Info and Solid Inspector 2 report it as solid. Are you still seeing errors with that version? If not, compare what you did to make that with whatever you were doing previously and you should find the previous source of the problems.

Yes, mine in the one that come with SketchUp Go.

You aren’t opening the component for editing before checking that it’s solid are you?

If I click one time on the bolt and inspect it, SketchUp Go Solid Inspector show small errors all around the circle at the front and back of the bolt. Should I just disregard.

Do you mean the Short Edges message? That’s not an error and doesn’t mean the component is not silid. You can ignore that message.