Solid Inspector Errors

I have been reviewing some SketchUp Fundamental videos and tried to correct my Tool Rest model. I was able to improve the bolt and nut by modeling in place on a new tool rest behind the origin on the green axis. When I checked out the nut with the solid inspector, it showed 48 errors. Each segment of the circle was a minor error. What is the best method to correct this, so I can have a solid component? There are other similar errors where I have made circles and push/pulled holes.

Please upload the current version of your model file.

Here’s the skp file.
Tool Rest.skp (116.8 KB)

So the nut has all kind of bad geometry.

To be considered a solid, every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. So no holes, not stray edges, and no internal faces. Your nut has all of those issues. Holes or missing faces are identified as "Surface Borders in Solid Inspector 2.

The cylinder for the bolt is identified as solid. The head of the bolt is loose geometry, though. It is not part of the bolt.
Screenshot - 5_11_2022 , 8_02_39 AM

It would be easier to model the bolt if you start with a hexagon for the head, extrude it to thickness and then at the center of the hexagonal face, draw a circle for the body of the bolt and extrude that. After making the bolt a component (it should be solid from the beginning if you model it as I describe) draw a hexagon centered on the end of the bolt and push it to give it thickness.

Something like this. (I disremember the standard head and nut thicknesses for 1/4 in. hardware so ignore that here.) I didn’t bother putting a hole in the nut but that could be done easily before extruding its thickness.

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Sorry, I sent you the wrong file. You didn’t see a model on the green axis. Here’s the newer version. I like the way you quickly made the bolt and hex nut on the origin.
Tool Rest (1).skp (172.5 KB)

I did see the rest of the model. You’re still stringing out copies along the red axis which you don’t need to do.

I’ll look at your latest version shortly.

Alright, this bolt is pretty screwed up.

I’m not sure what all you did to it.

Try making the bolt as I showed, above. That’ll be easier and faster than trying to repair the one you have.


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