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I have downloaded a model for a simple swivel caster with brake. It has to be this particular part number, but the model is completely infested with incomplete faces, stray edges, etc with 184,732 entities! It looks like ■■■■ and it bogs down the other projects I need to use it in. I am a novice, but I have tried and tried to clean it up, but nothing works. Even trying to run solid inspector 2 just winds up crashing the session. At first, I scaled up 10x to make it easier for solid inspector to clean up the geometry, but it only helped so much. I’ve used Cleanup 3 to help some, but it’s not enough. I’d really like to just make a shell of it. I don’t care about the internal geometry. I just need to use this model with accurate outside dimensions. Any help would be appreciated.



Any chance that you might upload the SKP file or give us the 3D Warehouse link to it? so we can take a look? If you want help, make it possible for us to help you.


Here’s a link to the .skp

and a screenshot or two


That’s an awful, poorly drawn model. It could be repaired but it’ll take some time. Exactly what details do you need from the caster that require you to use this exact model? If I were drawing a project that used this model of caster, I’d rather draw it myself than take the time to fix this one. I’d also limit the details and keep the file size down. After all, do you really need the brake assembly in there? Or the bearings?

If you aren’t in a rush I could probably make a caster model you can use.


@csmith8146. Even one ball has 7700+ entities. And there are 24 in the model plus the ones (6) beneath the bottom plate. Each ball could be done with 1/100th the amount. But do you need them? As @DaveR mentioned, it’s a bad model. If you wish to go ahead with the model, delete the balls, all but one (to reconstruct if needed). Split the model into some logic groups or components, for better managements. Then clean up the component surfaces etc.


Thanks for the replies, fellas. I don’t need any of the internal stuff, such as bearings. Good idea to remove those. I really just need the dimensions and hole pattern of the base plate, overall height from top of the plate to bottom of wheel, diameter and thickness of wheel. The brake assembly (or at least the shell to indicate its presence) is necessary to accurately represent the assembly to a customer for design approval.

Wo3Dan, I did try to group/component things together, but even after completely isolating the elements of the mounting plate, I made it a component, but it doesn’t seem to want to operate that way.


I’ve done some work on it - but still more to go.

This is at 4000 edges and some 1500 faces as opposed to over 300,000 edges


I started to try to redraw it from scratch. But just trying to make the model into a component, before trying to draw over it, crashed SU 2017 and needed a Force Quit - twice. I then restarted computer, and tried again. Another Force Quit.

And even just opening the model in a new window, and trying to use the Tape Measure tool to get dimensions from which to redraw didn’t work well.

I’d recommend just redrawing from scratch, preserving the key dimensions if you can measure them.

Looks to me as if this object has just been converted from some CAD file, with no thought to its usefulness in the 3D Warehouse. I would just force remove it from the Warehouse if had the power to do so. I can see NO value in having it there in SU format.


I had a bit of time and cleaned up the caster.

Caster Swivel 4in w Brake H23219.skp (1.2 MB)


Hey, thanks SO much everybody! The file was oringally downloaded as an STL, so everything was all “triangular”, drastically increasing the amount of edges and making a total mess of the surfaces.

I still want to check out the cleaned up version you guys so kindly submitted, but before that happened, I wound up downloading the plugin to import step files and it came in MUCH better. Unfortunately, it is still WAY too intricate for what I need and the file size is still pretty hefty, but at least manageable.

I noticed the thing has nest after nest after nest of component layers. Not sure if that makes much of a difference with fluid sessions, but I’m sure I could at least eliminate the bearings and other internal geometry to ease it up a bit.

Anyway, thanks again for helping a novice!


even though the original file worked much better when downloading it as a step file, it was still WAY larger than it needed to be (around 20MB), which was really bogging down my designs by lagging whenever I tried to rotate while the casters were visible. I could put them on a hidden layer, but one more pain point.

Today, I went ahead and downloaded the cleaned up version gkernan posted and it works like a dream! Much smaller footprint and no lag! Thanks again!


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