Too much edges

kenet detay.skp (334.8 KB)

Hello everyone i posted something similar to this like 2 months ago but couldn’t figure it so may be if you guys can help me. I learned sketch up on my own so i might missed the learn this part i would be if you guys can help me. There is an attached .skp file i need to put this detail to my roof plan. But there is a lot of edges so it makes my system slower while drawing and also sometimes it is crashing. How can i decrease the edge stats but cover the details originality. Thanks in advice for your interest.

I think you posted the wrong model file.

nope it is the one which is really i used i put them on the roof like this.

To help, we need to know what you are trying to achieve. What purpose will the drawing serve? That helps inform how much detail it really needs.

How did you get from the model you uploaded to the screenshot that contains 28 component definitions and 182 component instances.!?

There is components inside components may be cause of that.

Theese are the bracket details of this roof sir. I’ll put solar panel on it after i made my settlement plan. But theese two part must clamped each.

You have uploaded a section through a metal roof panel. Or, to be more precise, through two panels contained in one group. At present, it is a 2D drawing.

If you want to show a detail of how certain parts go together, you might either keep to a traditional 2D drawing or show just a typical portion of a roof in 3D. Do you really need the whole roof and every part of it in minute detail? Most people doing construction drawings for a living have a “big picture” and “little picture” set of drawings that are often separate.

BTW, if I were using your section to create the roof panel, I would get rid of the incomplete bits of panel, extrude the remaining complete one, and then use that as a component to repeat across the roof. Like this:
kenet detay.skp (422.0 KB)

This is what the stats look like:

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thanks a lot sir.