Toned down rendering


Im trying to achieve a simplified rendering look, can seem to put my finger on how to get to this result. Is it mostly post photoshop work?

Screen Shot 2021-05-03 at 6.12.49 PM|575x499

You’re using the free web version of Sketchup as your profile indicates? I think you’d find it difficult to get that look from SketchUp Free without doing a lot of photoshop work.

I use Sketchup Pro, I didn’t fill out my profile out accurately apparently.

If you want to check out V-Ray, it’s now included in the Studio subscription bundle. If so, I can show you how to achieve this look fairly easily using a combination of: Sun size, ambient occlusion, contours, and background.

Except, not for Mac :slightly_frowning_face: which the OP indicates they are using.

I do use V-Ray, I would be forever grateful if you can provide this information.

Try ALEX HOGREFE, merge the layers in an image editor.

Here is my quick pass at recreating using V-Ray. Let me know if this gets closer to what you’re looking for and I’ll break down the steps for you.

Edit: Here’s a variation of with Infinite Plane added to receive shadows on the ground plane.

The version with infinite plan is bang on! Reveal your secrets!

To me it looks like @eric-s has rendered this almost with the default settings in V-Ray, except putting in the infinite plane, turning the background white and increasing the sun size. He has also turned on contours. The original image you posted might also be from Enscape or something like Ambient Occlusion.

Yes @Anssi and thanks for your patience @zarks1. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Render with default settings + Infinite Plane

  2. Increase size of default sun in Asset Editor…play around with it but here I used 20.

  3. Next, expand the advanced settings under global illumination and enable ‘Ambient Occlusion’ and bump up as desired. I used ‘3’.
    Just below that is ‘Contours’. Enable that and I lightened it a bit to a dark grey vs black which makes the drawing look sad and heavy to me.

  4. Here is the render with larger sun (ie softer shadows) and contour lines. Next is to add a ‘background’ image in to replace the sky gradient. I just used a screenshot from my SU model since it’s white and I’m lazy.

  5. Lastly, add an exposure adjustment later in the frame buffer and adjust as needed to ‘knock out’ the grey from the infinite plane.

Also, note that applying contours also affects the ‘Infinite plane’. I’ll speak to Chaos Group and request that you can bypass or override contours for the infinite plane but until then, just erase it in Photoshop :wink:

Update: Here are the settings that you can load into V-Ray to save time. (12.0 KB)

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