Exterior Scene Commercial Use | What render is the most photorealistic?

Hi guys,

Entering for the first time since early 2000’s days using the tool.

Here is an quick study rendered in Vray+Sketchup 14.

In what render/visopt option this could be better?

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Rafael Martins, Arch,

Hi @rafaarqint ,

Couple of ways you can improve your render:

  • Inspect other great examples
    You can get ideas from them to improve your renderings.
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Image taken from Archdaily.com

  • Add more environment around your model.
    Such as other buildings, landscape objects, people, cars, traffic lights/signs etc… Try not to make them stand out too much.
    (Adding all these stuff to your Sketchup model may slow down your performance, so consider adding some of them in post-processing.)

  • Add refined/seamless textures
    Try adding better&HQ textures. Looks like green-fields, roads and walls need more touch. Roads for example should have road lines, pedestrian crossing etc. You can also achieve these in post-processing.

  • Add HDRI image/lighting.
    This way, you create more realistic lighting&reflections to your render instead of plain sunlight. You can check this tutorial: HDRI Lighting with Sketchup and vray and here are some free HDRI skies: HDRI skies

  • Consider different angles.
    Your render angle might not be the best, consider which part of your design is more important to highlight. If you want to show all other buildings and their position etc. you can do so with diagrams and let your render speak itself.
    Examine those images in this blog rendered from different angles: Sichuan Tоbacco Heаdquarters

  • Enchance in post-processing
    You can use Photoshop or GIMP (free) to make color corrections or add landscape objects to your render. Try to give more life to your shops, they look empty. You can check these tutorials for more: Photoshop Tutorials
    If you want to go deeper, i recommend this tutorial: Introduction to Compositing