Toggle terrain tool button


One of the tools that changes the surface of the terrain is missing on my tool bar. It was available then it was removed by accident. It alternates between a level and elevated range.
thanks for any help

The terrain is assigned a separate tag, that is hidden by default.

view > toolbars and check “location”

I think maybe on windows you can right click on the tool bar area and open specific toolbars from there as well? I’m not a windows user.

Or, open the Tags Window and you can control tag visibility from there.

thanks, the terrain was downloaded from Placemaker/Geolocation program. And I’ve used the toggle terrain icon before but somehow was deleted. The icon is a grey colored icon “rectangle” . I’ll try using the view>toolbars>location as suggested… I did already right click on the tool bar which provides a list of downloaded extensions history, which contains others, but couldn’t find it. I’ll keep looking, thanks

I found the tool icon and you’re right, using View>toolbars> checked location. I looked for it here but didn’t know the title “location” to look for. thanks it was activated.

Ahhh not the native terrain, that would be good to know. Sounds like you need to reopen the Placemaker extension toolbar.