Add location toolbar and Geo-location menu item not available

Helllo, I’ve been using Sketchup Pro on and off for a few years. I’ve just downloaded 2024 Pro and added the location (both 2d and 3d) to an existing model that I previously created in the free online Sketchup version. 2D shows perfectly, but I can’t seem to find any of the menu items or toolbar that should let me toggle between 2- and 3D. I can click to show the Add location toolbar, but the toolbar itself doesn’t appear. On the File menu there is the Add location menu item, but not the Geo-Location menu item. I hope someone might point me in the right direction.

Check that the 3d terrain is turned on in the Tags pallet.

Add location replaces Geolocation in 2024. in add location check boxes for 2d and 3d should both be checked. then after the import the 2d and 3d are placed on separate tags. Check you tags to see if the 3d is turned on.

Thanks @ivanjones and @bmike , I’ve checked and both checks are on in the tags panel. When I turn the 3D tag of and on, nothing happens. When I do the same for the 2D tag, the 2d plane appears and disappears.
When I added the location, I’ve checked both the box for 2D and 3D and I can see both tags in the tags tray. However, 3 has two imports, 2D only one.

What is the location? There are some areas for which the data provider doesn’t have 3D terrain. Maybe that’s the situation in your case.

@DaveR Ah, that could be it! I’m not comfortable sharing the location, but maybe you can tell me where I can check that?

Check to see if you can get 3D terrain somewhere else. Try somewhere like Vail, Colorado in the US. If you get the 3D terrain there you will know your process works and that SketchUp is doing what it is supposed to do.

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When we have no elevation data for an area you should still see the imported imagery under the “3D Terrain” tag, but it will be flat (i.e. looks the same as the import under the “2D Plane” tag).

If this is not the case, please open a support ticket, especially if you are comfortable sharing the location directly with us.

By the way, the new UI is documented at (although some of the screenshots are from a previous version…)


Hi, @daniel_pidcock thanks for the feedback. @DaveR I’ve created a new Sketchup model from scratch and used the same location. There I can see the 3D terrain, so it does work for the location. I suppose the fact it doesn’t work in my other model has something to do with originally creating it in the free online version. @daniel_pidcock if you feel it might be interesting to sort out I can create a support ticket. If not I’ll just move everything to a new file. Anyhow, thanks everyone for helping me figure this out.

The free/ online version doesn’t import 3d imagery when adding location.

I know. I originally created it in the free version, then added the location in the Pro version.