Issues with Add Location in Sketchup Pro 2024

Since installing Sketchup Pro 2024, when I Add Location and check both the 2D and 3D terrain boxes, it only downloads the 2D group. However, the Tag folder shows both the 2D and 3D as visible. If I delete the Add Location completely and start over, this time only checking the 3D terrain, it will download it. But, then I don’t have the 2D available, as well.

As a separate issue, the Eneroth Terrain Volume plugin doesn’t add volume to the 3D terrain from Add Location the way it did flawlessly in Sketchup 2023. I’ve tried running it when highlighting the “Geolocation Location Content” group, the “3D Terrain Group” and the “3D Import Group 1” group. None will add volume from the plugin.

Hopefully, someone can help me figure this out.

Including the tags inside the Tag Folders?

It works, but requires only one group

I had just figured that part out prior to reading your answer. However, I still can’t get Eneroth Terrain Volume to add volume and make it a solid. As an experiment, I opened a new file and created a terrain using the Sandbox tools. When I tried Eneroth Terrain Volume on the terrain group, it worked great. So, I think there must be a compatability issue with the plugin and the terrain being imported from Add Location in 2024. Could you try installing the plugin from the Extension Warehouse and trying it on your model to see if it’s just me?


It’s working just fine, just need one group. See video in post above. :arrow_up:

Thanks for helping me out. Unlike the 3D terrain imported from 2023 which was one group, it is now grouped so that I have to explode all the subgroups, then regroup them as one in order to get the plugin to work. A little more time and trouble, but it works.