Where is Terrain Toggle in Sketchup 2024?

I have used Geolocate and have the 3D and 2D terrain from Google Earth using Sketchup Pro 2024. I am now trying to figure out how to create a 3D volume out of the 3D surface. It looks like older versions of skethup had a ‘toggle terrain’ tool which easily accomplished this transformation but I don’t see this in 2024. Any ideas?

Toggle off the 2D Import tag and toggle on the 3D Import tag or do it with their tag folders. The way the Add Location feature works, you get a tags for each import so if you add more geolocation content you’ll get additional tags in the tag folders. You can then turn on/off all in a single click for the tag folder or just show individual location sections.

Thanks, I can see the 2D and 3D import tags. I’m just wondering how I go about changing the 3D import into a 3D volume. Is there a way to easily pull down this 3D surface and create a solid shape? Thanks!

You could use an extension like Joint Push/Pull to extrude the terrain but that’ll tend to add a lot of unneeded geometry since the bottom surface will match the terrain. You could also use an extension Like TopoShaper or Add Terrain Skirt, both available from Sketchucation. A native way to do it is to draw a rectangle under the terrain and extrude it upward to create a box around the terrain. Here I’ve delete the top face so the terrain is visible.

Seect the vertical sides of the box, right click on one, choose Intersect Faces>With Model. Then erase the part of the box above the terrain. After that you can cut the remainder of the box (the skirt and bottom) to the clipboard, open the terrain group for editing (unlock it first) and paste the skirt and bottom in place.


Thank you so much! That was very helpful.

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