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I couldn’t find the tool on the menu. Its provided by SU. There are three icons combined, “add location”, “toggle terrain”, the other doesn’t give a name. The toggle terrain tool changes the level of the terrain to fit the actual terrain such as hills.

Is there a question?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

Sorry, Pro-Sketch 2021. The question was about the “Toggle terrain” Icon tool. I did see this tool in a tutorial on youtube when showing Terrain work features. But couldn’t use the screen photo to be able to attach here. The Terrain feature allows the flat terrain to modify the surface after its imported from “add location”


In 2021 version, when you add location, it adds a tag that is not visible by default, named “location terrain”. Turn this tag on and “location snapshot” off to see altitudes.

The toggle terrain button does that automatically

Thanks I’ll look for it.

How about finally fixing your profile so we don’t have to ask every time you have a question.

I’m still not sure what your question is, though. You seem to have found the Location toolbar.

I believe he didn’t find it, and that may be the question.

to show the location toolbar, go to view > toolbars and check “location” or simply right click on the toolbars area and pick location

Sorry, I’m confused about the format of Sketchup version you’re asking. Each time I post a question on the forum, I write Sketch-up Pro and the topic question. I found that the year was missing, but I’m not sure where you are referring to profile. I’ve used this forum for 5 months with the same profile.

click on your avatar (which is a white J with green background) on the top right hand corner, then the silhouette pictogram for preferences, then preferences and finally profile. you can there indicate which sketchup version you use, operating system, etc.

Put the version in your profile. SketchUp 2021 in this case. Also put in the graphics card you are using. 4096 Mb is not a graphics card model.

I know.

It doesn’t have a separate graphics card. it uses the main Gpu.

Intel UHD Graphics 620, this should the graphics card.

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That makes more sense than 4096mb. Thanks for updating your profile.

Sorry about the confusion. I did find the graphics card in my “about PC” and updated the profile,


Thanks, it was right about tags/layers. Turning the “location terrain” on and “location snapphoto” off, and the terrain automatically matched the area, such as hills

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